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            WORLD CUP 2002 – BOLZANO (ITA), April 27th-28th, 2002


1. ORGANISATION:  Fair Bolzano - FASI

Info: www.fairbz.it/tempolibero2002 - e-mail: coccagna@fairbz.it


2. PARTICIPATION: 3 male and 3 female competitors each country (6+6 host country)

plus:     1st International series (first 10 competitors in the Difficulty World Cup 2001 final ranking) + Supplementary lists.


a)      the closest international airports are: Innsbruck (AUT) and Verona (ITA). Bolzano airport has limited flights by Air Alps from Frankfurt, Innsbruck and Roma. Both München (GER) and Milano (ITA) airports lie about 350km from Bolzano.

b)      Train: Bolzano lies on the North-South throughfare between München and Verona and train connections are regular.

c)      Car: Motorway A22, exit Bolzano Sud.

4. APPLICATIONS: the enclosed application form shall be sent to:

šICC - e-mail: icc.comp@aerre.it

(fax + 39 011 746744)

You need to send your applications to ICC only

DEADLINE is April 10th, 2002.

VERY IMPORTANT  We remind that:

a) Those competitors for whom their belonging Federations have not applied for an International License, will NOT be allowed to compete.

b)  Deadlines for registration of competitors, as reported in the competition information

sheets distributed by the ICC, must be respected by each member federation.

Registrations after the deadlines are subject to the relevant extra fee.

c) Competitors’ registration fees will be charged to the member federation, if registered competitors do not attend the event without informing the ICC within 10 days prior to the event itself (considering the 1st day of competition).

4. PRIZES: According to ICC standards


Campground: “Moosbauer”, no bus service, tel. 0039-0471-918492, fax 204894

Hotel: please visit: http://www.sudtirol.com/bolzano/13e.htm for a full list of hotels in Bolzano area. Information available at Tourism Office Bolzano, tel. 0039-0471-307000, e-mail at info@bolzano-bozen.it, www.bolzano-bozen.it

6. COMPETITION VENUE: Bolzano, Palaonda (Ice-stadium), attached to Fair Bolzano, info at www.fairbz.it/tempolibero2002

7. ON SITE INFORMATION: Friday April 26th, from 14.30 to 19.00 in the Press Center at the main entrance of Fair Bolzano.

8. TECHNICAL MEETING: Friday April 26th at 20:30 in the Palaonda (ice-stadium).

IMPORTANT: from 2002, registration procedures at the competition will happen at the closure of the isolation zone only. Starting orders will be available on the web site (www.icc-info.org) a few days before the event

9. COMPETITION WALL: “Plastic Rock” wall, 14 m high: 3 towers, overhang 8-8,5 m. Chief Forerunner: Laurent Laporte; routesetters: Donato Lella, Massimo Prinoth.


Saturday 27th of April

9:30     Closing of men’s isolation area

9:45     Observation - men

10:00   Men’s quarterfinals

14:30   Closing of women’s isolation area

14:45   Observation - women

15:00   Women’s quarterfinals


Sunday 28th of April

9:00     Closing of men’s and women’s isolation area

9:15     Observation men and women

9:30     Men’s and Women’s semifinals

15:30   Closing of men’s and women’s isolation area

16:15   Observation – men and women

16:30   Men’s and women’s  finals