2000 Auckland Regional Sportclimbing Competition

August 2000

Not bad, not bad at all...  Thanks to all of the competitors and it was great to watch New Zealand's best climbers in action. 

Thanks also to the Team of officials including staff from the Birkenhead Wall. A special thanks goes to Deb for some excellent Judging (under some difficult circumstances) and to Luke for the high caliber of the routes.


Female Open
1st Emma Hawke
2nd Imogen Restall
3rd Abby Carrington
4th Sally Carter
5th Alexandra Smith
Female Under 16 Years
1st Laura Blundell
2nd Sonya Baird
3rd Sophie McDougall
4th Erin Alberino-Taitoko
Female Under 18 Years
1st Imogen Restall
2nd Abby Carrington
3rd Eisha Reihana
Male Open
1st Phillip Sage
2nd Scott Mooney
3rd Liam Silam
4th Sefton Priestley
5th Martyn Owens
6th Tim Hawes
7th Johnny Woods
8th Andrew Wilson
9th Bevan Hadler
10th Joshua Windsor
11th Eddie Fowke
12th Luke McGruer
13th David Rogers
14th Aaron Ford
15th David Hood
16th James Field-Mitchell
16th Scott Cresswell
16th Rob Moore
19th Ryan Allen
19th Jason Chapman
21st Phillip McGruer
Male Under 16 Years
1st Liam Silam
2nd Joshua Windsor
3rd Jason Blair
5th Ryan McLeod
6th Michael Ridgway
7th Adam Blundell
7th Matthew Painting
9th Ben McWhannell
Male Under 18 Years
1st Sefton Priestley
2nd Luke McGruer
3rd Stefan Carter
4th Scott Cresswell
4th James Field-Mitchell
6th Ryan Allen
7th Chriss Tillman
8th Haydn Stratford



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