2000 Christchurch Regional Sportclimbing Competition

17 & 18 June 2000

The event was a resounding success and the NZSF wishes to thank the competitors and the event management team for their contribution. The competition was hosted by YMCA Christchurch and managed by Megan with a team of willing assistants. 

The competition results:

Open Women   Open Men  
Emma Hawke 1st Eddie Fowke 1st
Julianne Lamsek 2nd Sefton Priestley 2nd
Jody Williams 3rd  Jodi Apiata 3rd
Sally Carter 4th Alex Palman 4th
June Bedggood 5th Nick Douglas 5th
Amber McNamara 6th Ben Lowe 6th
    Andrew Cousins 7th
    Paul Coggan 8th
Women Under 18   Men Under 18  
Lisa Chapman 1st Sefton Priestley 1st
Jenny Teng 2nd Nico de Jong 2nd
    Hayden Stratford 3rd
    Daniel Childs 4th
    Scott Cresswell 5th
    James Richardson 6th
Women Under 16   Men Under 16  
 Laura Macdonald 1st Jonathan Goslin 1st
Holly Griffin 2nd Marz Marzouk 2nd
Sarah McNeil 3rd    
Nicki Owen 4th    

This year the event included a recreational category for those climbers who wanted to compete, but in a less formal way. We are pleased to report that the recreational climbers still have what it takes and had a whole lot of fun showing it.

Recreational Women   Recreational Men  
Susan Topp 1st David Chandler 1st
Louise Newmarch 2nd Jon Cook (Cookie) 2nd
Biddy Flavell 3rd Jonathan Smith 3rd
Abby Whiten 4th Iain Moodie 4th
Donna Washbourne 5th  Phillip Yeo 5th
    Karl Thompson 6=
    David Oliver 6=
    Andrew Kennedy 8th
    Jonathan Goslin 9th
     Stephen Tudehope 10th
    Stephen Columbus 11th
    Robert Engelmann 12th

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