2000 Otago Regional Sportclimbing Competition

22 & 23 July 2000

What a cool competition in sunny Queenstown. 

Congratulations to all the climbers and thanks to David Lloyd and the event management team for making the competition a success.


Open Women   Open Men  
Emma Hawke 1st Eddie Fowke 1st
Mayan Smith-Gobat 2nd Alex Palman 2nd
Jody Williams 3rd  Jodi Apiata 3rd
 Susan Topp 4th Rupert Gardiner 4th
Lisa Chapman 5th Paul Coggan 5th
Amber McNamara 6th William Alexander 6th
Kerri Williams 7th    
Women Under 18   Men Under 18  
Lisa Chapman 1st Nico de Jong 1st
Lisa Mac Donald 2nd Scott Cresswell 2nd
    James Richardson 3rd
     Daniel Childs 4th
    Daniel Kyles 5th
    George Law 6th

This year the event included a recreational category for those climbers who wanted to compete, but in a less formal way. 

Recreational Women   Recreational Men  
Lou Newmarch 1st Grant Furlong 1st
Kim Norvelle 2nd Brian Sullivan 2nd
    Robert McSkimming 3rd
Recreational Mixed Under 18      
 Louise Brown 1st    
Logan Penniket 2nd    
Takeshi Kominami 3rd    
Nick Smyth 4th    
Aaron Smith 5th    
Alexia Brinsley 6th    
Nick Knol 7th    
Erica ven Reenan 8th    

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