2000 Wellington Regional Sportclimbing Competition

19 & 20 August 2000

From all accounts Wellington put on a great weekend and everyone had a wonderful time. 

Thanks to Brendon and his team for hosting the event.


Female Open

1st Imogen Restall

2nd Abby Carrington

3rd Sally Carter

4th Kathleen Clulow

4th Megan Smith

6th Susan Topp

7th Emma Hawke

8th Lisa Chapman

9th Emily Mee

Female Under 16 Years

1st Laura Macdonald

2nd Sonya Baird

3rd Kirsty Trotter

4th Erin Alberino-Taitoko

Female Under 18 Years

1st Imogen Restall

2nd Abby Carrington

3rd Lisa Chapman

4th Mari Nedberg

5th Eisha Reihana

Male Open

1st Sefton Priestley

2nd Phillip Sage

3rd Zane Bray

4th Scott Mooney

5th Kester Brown

6th Joshua Windsor

7th Alex Palman

8th Tim Hawes

9th Andrew Trotter

9th Andrew Wilson

9th Luke McGruer

12th Kristen Foley

13th Kirk O'Donoghue

13th Luke Sivak

15th Liam Silam

16th Aaron Ford

17th Tom Thumath

18th Rob Moore

19th Richard Morgan

19th Jason Chapman

21st Ryan Allan

21st Paul Coggan

23rd Scott Farrell

24th Phillip McGruer

25th Steven McCalion

26th Jonothan Goslin

Male Under 16 Years

1st Ryan Allan

2nd Liam Silam

3rd Phillip McGruer

4th Joshua Windsor

5th Kevin Maxwell

6th Michael Hammond

Male Under 18 Years

1st Sefton Priestley

2nd Luke Sivak

3rd David Hood

4th Stefan Carter

5th Hayden Stratford

6th Tom Thumath

7th Stuart Kurth

8th Luke McGruer

9th Florian Baffie




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