2001 Rotorua Regional Sportclimbing Competition

9 & 10 Jun 2001

The first event for 2001 season was held in Rotorua and it was a resounding successful. With a 25% increase in competitor numbers from the previous year the event organisers (The Wall) are very pleased. The management of The Wall would like to thank competitors, spectators and support staff for their contribution toward the success of the event.

The series of climbing competitions is run throughout New Zealand, with events during 2001 season being run in Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Mt Maunganui, Taupo, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown, and two further still to be decided.

With the two top men from 2000, Philip Sage and Scott Mooney climbing overseas, the mens’ competition was fought out by Andrew Trotter (team crimper) and Martyn Owen (The Wall) – Auckland and Rotorua respectively. With Andrew Trotter winning, after a technical incident ruled Owens’ attempt on the final climb terminated.

The female competition was a tussle between Emma Hawke (team  crimper), and the 2000 National Champion, Imogen Restall (Birkenhead Leisure Centre). With Hawke leading after the semi final round it was left to Restall to put in the extra effort, and the result went her way in an extremely close final.


                                       Female Open

                                                                        1st                        Imogen Restall

                                                                        2nd                       Emma Hawke

                                                                        3rd                        Glenda Rowlands

                                                                        4th                        Nadine Meier

                                                                        5th                        Gina McDougall

                                                                        6th                        Kathleen Clulow

                                                                        7th                        Sonya Johnson

                                                                        8th                        Emma Hamilton

                                                                        9th                        Ella Garnham

                                                                        10th                      Laura Blundell

                                                                        11th                      Jacqui Guthrie

                                       Female Under 16 Years

                                                                        1st                        Sophie MacDougall

                                                                        2nd                       Emma Wallace

                                                                        3rd                        Erin Alberino-Taitoko

                                                                        4th                        Natalie Hamilton

                                                                        5th                        Tui McFarland

                                                                        6th                        Alissa Mathieson

                                                                        7th                        Alicia Pink

                                                                        8th                        Sarah Banfield

                                                                        9th                        Kylie Simpson

                                                                        10th                      Jacqueline Stewart

                                                                        10th                      Kitty Xu

                                       Female Under 18 Years

                                                                        1st                        Laura Blundell

                                                                        2nd                       Gina McDougall

                                                                        3rd                        Katie Bennett

                                                                        4th                        Clare Shearman

                                                                        5th                        Vanessa McAlonan

                                                                        6th                        Michelle Key

                                                                        7th                        Kelly Schmidt

                                       Male Open

                                                                        1st                        Andrew Trotter

                                                                        2nd                       Martyn Owen

                                                                        3rd                        Tim Hawes

                                                                        4th                        Takashi Ozamada

                                                                        5th                        Andrew Wilson

                                                                        6th                        Kirk O'Donoghue

                                                                        6th                        Liam Silam

                                                                        6th                        Stefan Hadfield

                                                                        9th                        Tom Thumath

                                                                        10th                      David Rogers

                                                                        11th                      Simon Barnett

                                                                        12th                      Joshua Windsor

                                                                        13th                      Eddie Fowke

                                                                        14th                      Stuart Tooley

                                                                        15th                      Rob Moore

                                                                        16th                      Ian Wards

                                                                        17th                      William Flapper

                                                                        18th                      Richard Morgan

                                                                        19th                      Bong Errazo

                                                                        20th                      Stuart Kurth

                                                                        21st                      Kevin Maxwell

                                                                        21st                      Jason Chapman

                                                                        21st                      Luke Hawken

                                                                        24th                      Apirana Waititi

                                                                        25th                      Richard Knott

                                                                        26th                      Daniel Wielderkehr

                                                                        27th                      Kerry Crawford

                                                                        27th                      Micheal Duffen

                                                                        29th                      Michael Jensen

                                                                        30th                      Max Shiraishi

                                                                        31st                      Arnie Phengsaveth

                                                                        32nd                      Tony Charteris

                                       Male Under 16 Years

                                                                        1st                        Travis Edge

                                                                        2nd                       Chris Trengove

                                                                        3rd                        Phillip McGruer

                                                                        4th                        Kieran Bell

                                                                        5th                        Adam Blundell

                                                                        6th                        Paul Romanes

                                                                        7th                        Karl Boielle

                                                                        8th                        Matthew Painting

                                                                        8th                        Richard Burn

                                                                        10th                      Peter Jensen

                                                                        11th                      Liam Short

                                                                        12th                      Willem de Jong

                                                                        13th                      Levi Due

                                                                        14th                      Alan Goodwin

                                                                        15th                      Ben McWhannell

                                                                        16th                      Alex Garnham

                                       Male Under 18 Years

                                                                        1st                        Liam Silam

                                                                        2nd                       Tom Thumath

                                                                        3rd                        Joshua Windsor

                                                                        4th                        Stuart Kurth

                                                                        5th                        Kevin Maxwell

                                                                        6th                        Ian Greaves

                                                                        7th                        Hayden Stratford

                                                                        8th                        Thomas Noonan

                                                                        9th                        Craig Martin

                                                                        10th                      Sam Ward

                                                                        11th                      Jason Blair

                                                                        12th                      Liam Dickson

                                                                        13th                      Marcus Powell

                                                                        14th                      Ryan McLeod

                                                                        15th                      Joe Dyson



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