If you want a Magazine or book printed the old fashion way take a look at these sites: 
8a_logo[1].jpg (6254 bytes) 8a Online Climbing Magazine
Backpacker.gif (7246 bytes) Backpacker Wilderness Magazine
wpe8.gif (5937 bytes) Climb Climb Magazine New Zealand & Australia
Climbing Climbing Magazine
wpe6.jpg (11707 bytes) Climbing Online  Online Climbing Magazine
High.jpg (22683 bytes) High Britain's biggest selling climbing magazine
Pete & Ed Books Climbing Books
rock.jpg (18127 bytes) Rock Australia's Climbing Magazine
wpeC.gif (6134 bytes) Rock & Ice The Climbers Magazine (USA)
The Climber.jpg (4319 bytes) The Climber New Zealand Climbing available in selected stores or from the NZAC
Guide Books Climb New Zealand

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