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Our climbing pictures, clipart & screensavers are sorted by the climbing activities found in New Zealand. To view pictures relating to a particular activity simply click on the hyperlink or the associated image and then locate the photos you desire.

This site holds over 1,000 images and we continue to receive  more. To have your favorite climbing photos added simply email them to us at

Climbing Pictures, Clipart, Screensavers, New Zealand

Rock Climbing Pictures

There's an extensive selection of images in the Rock Climbing Pictures section. The page also includes links to other related sections containing photos.

Mountain Pictures

Mountain pictures of climbing will be added soon, in the interim here's a picture of Mt Egmont New Zealand.

MtEgmont03.jpg (182018 bytes)

Photos Of Indoor Rock Climbing

In the Indoor Climbing Pictures section you will fin images of climbers at some of the many indoor climbing walls in New zealand and around the world.

Bouldering Photos

Send in your Bouldering photos and we will include them.

New Zealand Photos

Here is a small sample of New Zealand photos and other information in our New Zealand section

In addition to the above there are images for most locations within our section on places to climb, you will find photos of the cliffs along with access notes for popular New Zealand crags. For those visitors who have visited some of our crags you may be able to identify some of routes you or your friends may have climbed. If you have yet to climb here we hope the information we provide will assist you to select the best places to visit.

In an attempt to provide an open format the images on this site are stored as *.jpg, making them easy to use as clipart or screensavers. Simply copy and paste them into your document or application. All we ask in return is that you try to reciprocate and send us any relevant images you may have.

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