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The rock climbing pictures, photos, images, pics, wallpaper and clipart in this section have been generously provided by fellow climbers. If you have rock climbing pictures that you would like to add please email them to us at

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In addition to the images below many other areas within Climb New Zealand contain photos that may be of interest. The following are just some of the web pages that contain other Rockclimbing Pics.

bulletRock climbing pictures from of the best places to climb in New Zealand.
bulletCompetition rock climbing photos from local Sportclimbing Events
bulletImages of New Zealand indoor rock climbing Walls

The Pictures

To view any of the rock climbing pictures in this section simply click on one of the thumbnail images below.

Phil does Tolken !  

Photo submitted by Aaron Ford

Phil - Tolken.jpg (160489 bytes)
Serena Kessler at Queenstown Hill

KellyCudworthSerenaKessler.jpg (83275 bytes)

Photos of Kelly Cudworth visiting from the USA

KellyCudworthCave2 (1).jpg (45481 bytes)


KellyCudworthDSC00673.JPG (156429 bytes)

Wye Creek

KellyCudworthDsc00695.jpg (75778 bytes)


KellyCudworthLonglegs.jpg (92897 bytes)


Big Phil at Wye Creek Pictures by Kelly Cudworth KellyCudworthDSC00501Phil.JPG (142027 bytes) KellyCudworthDSC00502Phil.JPG (142435 bytes) KellyCudworthDSC00506Phil.JPG (142153 bytes) KellyCudworthDSC00509Phil.JPG (151602 bytes)
Photos of Aaron Ford rockclimbing at Waipapa

Copyright Chris McLennan Photography Ltd   

Sally having a great day rockclimbing at Secret Valley, Wharepapa, New Zealand.
Rockclimbing pictures from Mt Arapiles Australia
Photos of Troy out for a great day Rockclimbing at Froggatt, Wharepapa, New Zealand. Too bad about the fall, but no harm done.

Rockclimbing Photos of Aaron's first trip to Secret Valley. The place may be a bit of a challenge to access, but it's well worth the effort.
A mad POM seconds before he  backed off a solo attempt of Terror Incognita at Froggatt.

Note: Climb New Zealand DOES NOT promote Soloing.

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