Hanging Rock




The Hanging Rock climbing area if formed by reasonable quality Limestone and while the climbing is not the best, it's a nice location and close to the river.

bulletRoutes - over 90
bulletGrades - 10 to 28
bulletCliff Heights - up to about 20m
bulletRock Type - limestone
bulletProtection - Natural and Fixed (Bolts)
bulletGuide Book - South Island Rock
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Take State Highway 8 (just north of Timaru) toward Mt Cook, travel about 13km to Pleasant Point and turn right at the Pub. After about 3km the road to Hanging Rock passes over a bridge and as the road curves left take the road that goes straight ahead. A further 19km should bring you to Gay Road, turn left and take the first road on the right and park at the end. 

To access the crag you will need to walk up the race and past the barn and then left down the gully between the cliffs (refer to the guide).


On one side of the river you will find all of the climbs and boulder problems described in guide.

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Other Areas

On the other side of the river you will find some unclimbed faces. Be warned access is an issue in this area. 

DO NOT attempt to climb here without obtaining permission.

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