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The rock climbing on the Port Hills is a "must visit" if you are Canterbury area. The hills provide a great vantage point that overlooks both the city of Christchurch and the town of Lyttelton. The Port Hills Area consists of a number of crags, all within walking distance from the road. The areas include:

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bulletThe Tors
bulletCastle Rock

Other Details

bulletRock Type - Basalt
bulletProtection - Natural and Fixed (Bolts)
bulletGuide Book - South Island Rock & Port Hills Climbing


From Christchurch or Littleton take the road leading to the top of the port hills and as you travel north you will pass each of the rock climbing areas .

Climbing Areas


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The Tors

PortHillsTors01.JPG (74487 bytes) Like many rock climbing areas in the Port Hills, the Tors is only a short walk from the car park and offers some good beginner and intermediate climbing. PortHillsTors02a.jpg (55625 bytes)

Castle Rock

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Other Areas

Where are also GOOD cliffs at Britten Crag, Lyttelton Rock, Jane Fonda etc

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