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Rock Climbing Places To Visit In New Zealand

New Zealand has numerous places to go Rock Climbing, Sportclimbing, Bouldering spread throughout the country. To guide you we have produced a regional guide to rockclimbing locations in New Zealand.  This page groups rock climbing locations into a number of regional areas.

Rock Climbing Places, Regional Guide to Rockclimbing Locations of New Zealand

Regional Guide to Rockclimbing

To view the list of places to climb in a regional area, either select a region from a navigation menu (left), on the map of New Zealand or the table (below). The table quantifies the number of rockclimbing routes in each of the regional locations, with the best places to go rock climbing shown in bold.  

If your planning a visit to New Zealand and want to maximise your New Zealand climbing adventure, donít try starting at one of the country and visit every climbing location. Like any country, some of New Zealand's crags are better than others, so visit the best locations first. 

To assist visitors we have compiled a short list of recommendations specifically for those climbers flying into Auckland or flying into Christchurch.

Visit Wharepapa, voted one of the best rock climbing places to visit in New Zealand.
Regional Locations Climbs
Northland 184
Auckland 80
Waikato 64
Wharepapa 796
Bay of Plenty 51
Taupo 225
Wellington 170
Nelson & Westland 490
Canterbury 865
Otago 430

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If you are a visitor to New Zealand and require a Rockclimbing Guide to assist you, take a look at our Adventures page, it lists some of companies grouped into each of the regional locations.


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