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Whanganui Bay

Jan 2001

News from Whanganui Bay is that the Marae construction is coming along at the usual pace. There seems to be a common misconception about parking arrangements. Climbers have been asked to park at the Marae and not drive down to the lake at all. The main reason for this is actually to reduce the amount of traffic on the road between the Marae and the lake. Therefore, driving your car down to unload your gear not only defeats the purpose, it actually makes things worse (with people ferrying loads to and fro all weekend).

So please do not, under any circumstance, drive your car down to the lake. And for people who usually sleep in their car or van, although itıs a bit inconvenient, just take a tent and walk down like everyone else. Mere (the Caretaker) has found an obvious solution to a common problem for weekend climbers. She has asked that people staying for a Friday and Saturday night come and see her on Saturday morning before ten am and pay her for the weekend then. This works out well for everybody because then she doesnıt have to hang about waiting for people to come by in dribs and drabs and us climbers donıt have to wander all around getting confused when she's not at her house.

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