Freyberg Pool Wall




Down near the sea in Oriental Bay sits the Freyberg Pool and climbing wall, drop by some time for a climb and a swim.


Access is unrestricted, however as the wall is located outside it is only usable in dry  weather. Be sure to take your sun glasses if it's a sunny day as the wall is painted white and the glair is intense.


bulletRoutes - over 20
bulletGrades - 15 to 23
bulletCliff Heights - 8m
bulletRock Type - Concrete & Basalt
bulletProtection - Fixed (Bolts & Chain)
bulletGuide Book - Wellington Rock

Climbing Area

The climbing area is constructed using small chunks of Basalt glued to the slightly inclined concrete wall, located at the end of the pool complex. FrybergPool03.JPG (16372 bytes)
FrybergPool02.JPG (29801 bytes) FrybergPool01.JPG (39403 bytes)

Note: The above information is subject to change without notice.


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