Bayleys Road




This little gem was located by Bryce Martin & Dave Garrity after hearing rumors of some large rocks next to the road. Well we are happy to report they do exist and there are even more just inside the farm. The climbs range from Sport routed to Traditional and even a few multi-pitch. 

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bulletRoutes - 70
bulletGrades - 14 to 24
bulletCliff Heights - 5m to 45m
bulletRock Type - Ignimbrite
bulletProtection - Natural and Fixed Bolts
bulletGuide Book - New Ignimbrite Climbs


The property is owned by John Loche, call for permission on (07) 872 2542 or leave a message at the house (refer to the map in the guide book). Access may be declined during lambing season (July through August).

Climbing Areas


As you travel down Baileys Road you can't miss this invitation to climb.

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River Wall

Traveling through the gate and down the path River Wall is located to your left.

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New Wall

A short walk down the path beside the stream and then through the next paddock, you are greeted by New Wall (obscured by trees).

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Monday Wall

As you approach new wall you will see Monday Wall over to your left.

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