Secret Valley




Actually the secret has been out for quite some time and Secret Valley is starting to become popular for those who know where it is. 



The Amphitheater is the first area you will pass as you travel towards the valley and the other climbing areas.

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Assassination Wall

As you travel down the valley, Assassination Wall is to your right.

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Crag X

Located on the left-hand side of the valley Crag X faces into the sun all day long and is home to a few multi-pitch climbs. Take some cord to backup the chains unless you want to abseil off a single bolt and chain.

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Echo Cliffs

About 500m past  Crag X on the left-hand side of the river are Echo Cliffs. Go stand on or beside the rock located in front of the concave rock, the acoustics are amazing (can you hear the water).

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Surrealist Wall

At the end of the valley is Surrealist Wall with plenty of moderately graded climbs.

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The Castle

If you travel over the hill to the left of Surrealist Wall and down into the next valley you will approach The Castle. 

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The Ravine

Turn right as you approach Surrealist Wall and you will enter the Ravine with its south facing cliffs. While a little damp in the winter, the Ravine is a nice cool place to climb on those hot summer days. 

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Cosmic Wall

About half-way along the Ravine there is a gap in the rock with a track which leads up to the Cosmic Wall area. This area sports a clean flat face and Little Lost Arrow Spire.

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