Smith Rock




Smith Rock is literally covered with rocky outcrops that provid some great climbing and unlike most Ignimbrite areas Smith's has several Natural-Pro climbs.

bulletRoutes - over 60
bulletGrades - 12 to 28
bulletCliff Heights - 6m to 40m
bulletRock Type - Ignimbrite
bulletProtection - Natural and Fixed (Bolts)
bulletGuide Book - New Ignimbrite Climbs

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This crag is located on a farm belonging to Len Smith and he generously grants access to those who ask permission. To get there, drive about 3km from the school along Wharepapa South/Seafund Road until you cross the small bridge. About 40m past the bridge on the left is the entrance to the farm, travel up to the house and obtain permission before proceeding. It may pay to call first (07) 8722 618, just in case they are away from the house.

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Here are a few of the areas at Smith Rock:

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Dry Wall drywall.jpg (74972 bytes) End Wal lendwall.jpg (76883 bytes)
Itsy Bitsy Spider ItsyBitsySpider1.jpg (76058 bytes) Southend Wall SouthendWall1.jpg (77548 bytes)
Southend Wall cont SouthendWall2.jpg (73905 bytes). Swamp Wall SwampWall.jpg (76537 bytes)



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