Remember, your conduct will influence the availability of climbing areas.

Safe Climbing Practices

It is in every climbers interest to employ safe climbing practices. Besides the obvious harm you could cause to yourself or others as a result of an accident, accidents also reduces support for the sport. Please adopt safe climbing practices and encourage others to do the same.


Even where access is granted, it's usually a good idea to visit or call the landowner and confirm it is alright to venture on their land. In other cases gaining permission prior to accessing the land or climbing is a requirement, so please observe the wishes of the landowner.

Route Naming

Route naming is the prerogative of the first ascensionist. By all means be creative when selecting a route name, but please give special consideration to the language used in the name or possible cultural implications associated with the name. Care should be taken to select an inoffensive name, to do otherwise may jeopardise access.


It is often difficult to refrain from using expletives, especially when you're falling. However please bear in mind that sound travels and inappropriate language may offend landowners, local community members and other climbers.

Cultural & Religious Considerations

Please respect the cultural or religious beliefs of others. Of particular importance in New Zealand are "Tapu" (restrictions) placed in Maori lands, in particular burial grounds. There are numerous examples where access to climbing areas has been  (or is) denied for such reasons. We can ill afford further restrictions because people fail to observe the beliefs of others.

Gates & Fences

It's simple, leave gates as you find them and cross locked gates at the hinge end. If you need to cross a fence use styles where they are available otherwise cross at strainer posts and avoid standing on the wire.


Only camp in locations that have been designated for that purpose. Always obtain the landowners permission prior to camping on private land. When you leave a camp site ensure you leave nothing behind.



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