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Access issues evoke strong emotional responses from climbers and Castle Rock Crag in the Wharepapa South area is a case in point.

As soon as climbers discovered the Castle Rock and Froggat Edge crags may go commercial, the messages of opposition started to arrive. The key issues:


Climbers developed each of the climbs, donating both time and expensive materials to clean and bolt the routes.


Climbers have maintained the crag over many years for the benefit of all.


It's unfair that anyone would charge a fee to access a climb that had been donated to fellow climber. This is especially true if the climber who is to be charged actually donated one of the climbs first place.

Many are saying that they won't pay and are boycotting the areas, others have increased their route development efforts on other crags, which has helped to create better alternatives. 

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Climb New Zealand Footnote: Wharepapa's Castle Rock and Froggat Edge are only two of the crags in the Wharepapa South area. For a complete list of the other great climbing locations have a look at the Wharepapa South area.


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