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ICC Regulations For Competition Climbing

The International Council For Competition Climbing (ICC) is a constituent part of The International Union of Alpinist Associations (Union Internationale d'Associations d'Alpinisme) (UIAA). The ICC is responsible for the administration and development of all aspects of the sport of international competition climbing. 

Local competitions are usually run using The ICC Regulations, however competitors should check with the event organiser as the regulations may have changed or the organiser may choose to alter the regulations to suite a particular event. In either case the organiser should make a printed copy of the ruled (to be used) available for competitors to view during the competition.

bulletThe 2002 ICC Regulations

2002 ICC Regulatuons

Rule Changes

bulletThe 2001 ICC Regulations in PDF Format and requires a copy of Adobe Acrobat open the file. 

2001 ICC Regulations

bulletThe 2000 ICC Regulations in HTML Format as follows:

Section 1 - International Council for Competition Climbing

Section 2 - Competition Organisation

Section 3 - Member Federations

Section 4 - Competition Regulations

Part 1 - General Regulations

Part 2 - Difficulty Competitions

Part 3 - Difficulty-Duel Competitions

Part 4 - Bouldering Competitions

Part 5 - Speed Competitions

Section 5 - International Competitions

Section 6 - Disciplinary Procedures During Competitions

Section 7 - Competition Appeals Procedures

Section 8 - Adoption of the IOC Medical Code


Notes: The ICC Regulations may be altered to meet the requirements of a particular competition. ICC Regulations are subject to change without notice.

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