1.1   The ICC is a constituent part of the Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme (UIAA) and is responsible for the administration and development of all aspects of the sport of international competition climbing. 

a)   Receiving applications from member-federations to organise international competitions;

b)   Approving those applications that it deems in the interest of the sport and which it assesses as being organisationally and financially viable;

c)   Controlling all technical and other aspects of the sport.

All ICC-approved competitions shall be organised and undertaken in strict accordance with the regulations and rules governing such competitions.


2.1   Only the members of the ICC (or organisations specifically recognised by the ICC) shall be eligible to apply to organise an ICC-approved competition.

2.2   Only ICC members shall be eligible to apply to enter their competitors in such competitions.

2.3   Among the international climbing competitions requiring the specific approval of the ICC are the following:

a)  The annual World Cup series of competitions;

b)   The World Championship;

c)      Continental Championships;

d)      International Youth Championships;

e)      Continental Youth Competitions;

f)      International events;


 3.1   The ICC is directly accountable to the General Assembly of the UIAA.  The UIAA has been granted recognition by the International Olympic Committee as an Intermember federation.  The UIAA is also a member of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF).

 3.2   The ICC's organisational structure is described in detail in the Statutes and Bylaws.

 3.3   International Competition Officials: The ICC maintains the right to formally appoint the following officials to each ICC-approved competition.

a)   President of the Jury - Has overall authority within the competition area; i.e. from the point where competitors and others enter the isolation zone to the point where they exit the competition zone in front of the climbing wall and return to the public section of the arena; this authority extends to covering the activities of the media and all other persons nominated by the organiser.  The President of the Jury has overall authority with respect to all aspects of the running of the competition and presides over all meetings of the ICC Officials.  In addition, he/she presides over all organisation and technical meetings with the competition organisers, team officials, competitors, etc.  The President of the Jury is required to submit a detailed report on the competition and on each 'Aspirant' Judge undergoing the final phase of their international training programme.

b)   Two Category Judges (in certain circumstances, and as approved by the ICC, additional Category Judges shall be appointed) - The Category Judges are International Judges appointed by the ICC to assist the President of the Jury in undertaking all aspects of judging a competition.  The Category Judges are assisted by Route Judges.

c)   International Forerunner - is responsible for checking the technical standard and safety of each route of the competition and for advising the President of the Jury on all technical matters within the competition area.  The International Forerunner is required to submit a report on the competition and a report on each 'Aspirant' Forerunner undergoing the final phase of their international training programme.

d)   ICC Delegate: In the absence of the President of the Jury and before her/his arrival at a competition, the ICC Delegate acts on behalf of the President of the Jury in respect to the organisation of the competition within the competition area.  The ICC Delegate has authority for ensuring that the facilities and services provided by the competition organiser (i.e. registration of competitors and others, height measurement and results service, medical, media and other facilities) are in accordance with ICC Regulations.   The ICC Delegate has the right to attend all meetings with the competition organisers and take part, in an advisory capacity, in all meetings of the Competition Jury.  The ICC Delegate deals with all non-competition matters during the running of the competition and shall submit a detailed report on the competition.

NOTE:  The ICC-appointed officials - 3.3(a)(b)(c)(d) above - shall be entitled to receive travelling expenses, accommodation and a fee in accordance with the relevant regulations.

e)   Route Judges:  When not specifically appointed by the ICC (e.g. 'Aspirant' Judges under training), the member federation/organiser shall provide a Route Judge for each route of the competition.  Normally, Route Judges shall be persons holding either international or national licences.  They shall be fully informed of the technical rules and regulations governing ICC-approved competitions, and shall be instructed in their duties by, and work under the direction of, a Category Judge.

f)   Competition Jury:  The Competition Jury consists of all those persons listed in 3.3.(a) to 3.3(d) above.


 4.1   For matters concerning the organisation of International climbing competitions, the ICC's executive tasks are as follows:

a)   Receipt of all applications to organise a ICC-approved competition;

b)   Dealing with all enquiries - both of a general nature and with respect to approved competitions;

c)   Issuing all information regarding ICC-approved competitions;

d)   In particular, issuing all competition information and application forms to the member federations concerning each competition.  Every member federation wishing to register competitors for a competition must send a copy of their application form to both the ICC and the member federation responsible for organising the competition.  All competitors and their associated team officials shall be registered by their member federation within the indicated deadlines (normally not less than 30 days before the start date of the competition);

e)   ICC regulations and rules and other notices;

f)   Official publication of all competition results, the World Cup Ranking (WCR) and the Continuously Updated World Ranking (CUWR), and other official information; 

g)   Appointment of all ICC officials to approved competitions. The list of the appointed officials to the scheduled events shall be forwarded to the Member federations for formal approval, then to the concerned officials, at least three months before the concerned competition.


 5.1   It is the responsibility of the member federations who are members of the ICC, all competition organisers and those associated with an ICC-approved competition - whether working directly with the ICC or in association with a member federation or with a competition organiser, to:

a)   Unconditionally accept that the promotion, development and administration of the sport of international competition climbing is under the exclusive control of the UIAA-ICC;

b)   Ensure that no financial or other agreement shall be entered into with an organisation (e.g. television, competition sponsors, etc.,) which conflicts with the ICC's own agreements without first obtaining the written approval of the ICC;

c)   At all times seek the advice and agreement of the ICC in respect to any decision which might conflict with the best interest of the sport.



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