1.1.   The ICC fully respects the autonomy of the member federations which are its members in respect to their national activities.


2.1.   It is the responsibility of the member-federations of the ICC to ensure that their members:

         a)      Administer, promote and actively develop the sport in their country; to firmly uphold the principles of the Olympic Charter, the IOC Medical Code, and the UIAA and ICC regulations and rules governing the sport of international competition climbing;

         b)      Understand and abide by the regulations and rules of the sport and promote, and ensure that their competitors and officials observe, the principles of good sportsmanship;

         c)      Constantly and actively work against the use of drugs or other prohibited substances by their competitors or officials.

         d)      Prohibit any methods or practices that might involve risks to the health or physical development of their competitors;

         e)      Undertake to set themselves firmly against any temptation to manipulate the regulations and rules to the advantage of their competitors and team officials;

         f)      Ensure that their competitors and officials treat all other competitors, officials and others involved in the practice of the sport with full and due respect at all times; both during competition or with respect to any non-competition activity.


3.1.   Each member federation of the ICC shall be eligible to enter a team of men and women competitors subject to the following conditions:

         a)   That they are in compliance with the regulations governing the nomination and registration of competitors;

         b)   That they are not in default of any regulation governing financial obligations to the ICC;

         c)   That they are not in default of any decision, or subsequent required action, in respect to a decision of the ICC's disciplinary procedure.

d)      All of the competitors nominated have been issued with (or for whom an international licence application has been received by the ICC ) an international competition licence.

3.2.      In the case where a country has more than one federation member of the ICC, the member

federations concerned shall only be eligible to enter one nationally agreed team of men and women, within the permitted quota to represent this country.


4.1.      Competitors:  Team quotas are specified under the particular type of competition; e.g. World Cup, World Championship, etc.

4.2.   Officials:  Each member federation shall be permitted to register up to a maximum of five (5) team officials who shall be granted free entry into the competition venue (in accordance also with 3.2. above).  These officials shall be named on the application form and specifically nominated for one of the following roles:

         a)   One (1) team manager;

         b)   Two (2) team coaches;

         c)   Two (2) qualified medical or para-medical personnel

         Team officials shall be permitted to enter and leave the isolation zone under the same conditions as that which applies to competitors.  Only under exceptional circumstances and with the specific approval of the President of the Jury shall any team official - including team medical personnel - be permitted to approach and/or communicate with any competitor whilst he/she remains within the isolation/competition zone.   Failure to observe this regulation shall result in the immediate disqualification of the competitor.

         Team officials shall not be permitted to accompany their competitors to the climbing wall during the official observation of the routes.  Team officials (or any other non-competing competitor) shall not be permitted to communicate in any way with any competing climber during the official route observation period.  Failure to observe this regulation shall make the competitor(s) liable to immediate disqualification.


5.1.   Each member federation shall ensure that each competitor that they wish to enter in an ICC-approved competition holds a current ICC international competition licence.  Only member federations shall be permitted to submit an application form for the issue or renewal of an ICC international licence.

5.2.    In order to obtain an international licence, each federation must submit for each competitor:

         a)   A completed official application form;

         b)   The ICC-approved fee for the issue of a new licence;

5.3.   Each licence is valid for one calendar year; i.e. from the 1st January to 31st December.  Each  federation may, on behalf of its competitors,  renew the licence each year by completing the official application form and sending it to the ICC; each application to be accompanied by the licence renewal fee.

5.4.   Each competitor must be a member of the member federation for which he/she holds a national passport.   In the case of competitors who hold dual nationalities, such competitors shall elect one member federation to represent in respect to ICC-approved competitions.  This declared national association shall not be changed except with the agreement of the original nominated member federation, the proposed member federation, and the ICC.

6.      FEES

6.1.   All fees (e.g. membership fees, competition entry fees, international licence fees, appeals fees, etc.) and all other expenses are the sole responsibility of the member federation.

6.2.   Competition, International Licence and other Fees:  A member federation shall pay the ICC the amount invoiced within 90 days of the date of the invoice.  Failure to do so shall be dealt with as specified in 6.4. below.

6.3.   Appeal Fees:  Appeals fees are specified under the ICC's Appeal regulations.  An appeal shall not be registered until receipt of the relevant appeal fee.

6.4.   All member federations which are in default of the ICC regulations governing payment of fees shall, in accordance with the regulations and bylaws, be liable to have their membership suspended and, ultimately, withdrawn.

 6.5.  The scale of fees payable for all ICC activities shall be decided annually by the ICC.


7.1.   Climbing Equipment and Clothing:  All equipment and clothing used by each competitor shall conform with the ICC regulations governing equipment and clothing.  Failure to comply with these regulations shall result in disqualification.

7.2.   Team Uniform:  Whenever possible, and particularly at award ceremonies, competitors and team officials should wear a distinctive team uniform.

7.3.      Competitors Climbing Equipment and Clothing:  All equipment used by a competitor in a competition shall comply with UIAA standards unless otherwise specified by the ICC or, under exceptional circumstances, by the President of the Jury through the authority delegated to her/him by the ICC.  With the exception of the competition vest provided by the member federation/organiser, each competitor shall be free to use whatever UIAA-approved make of harness (NOTE: the wearing of a seat/hip or full-body harness is compulsory), climbing shoes, chalk bag, climbing helmet (where the competitor chooses to do so), and clothing he/she prefers in accordance with the following regulations during his/her attempt on the route:

         a)      Headwear:  Only the manufacturer's name and/or logo;

b)      Competition vest:  As supplied by the competition organiser. This vest, which each

competitor must wear, must not be cut or otherwise modified and must carry the official

identifying  number of the competitor on the back of the vest;

c)      Other shirts may be worn under the official vest, provided they carry no logos.

         d)   No other logo are permitted on the arms.

         e)      Harness: the manufacturer's name and/or logo and sponsorís label(s) - no larger than 200 square centimetres in total.

         f)    Chalk bag: Only the manufacturer's name and/or logo and sponsor's label(s) - no larger than 100 square centimetres.

         e)   Legs: Only the manufacturer's name and/or logo and sponsorís label(s) - no larger than 300 square centimetres in total on each leg;

         f)      Shoes and socks: Only the manufacturer's name and/or logo.

 7.4.     Failure to comply with these regulations shall result in disqualification from the competition.


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