At competition, organisers we’ll not need to run an official registration, only a Technical meeting. Starting orders will be published on the web site 7 days before the event. Changes in the teams will be under the discretion of the ICC Delegate. Final amendments might occur at the isolation closure.

Organisers are requested to accept a minimum 100 women and 100 men, if entered by federations.



1. routes in difficulty must have a mandatory minimum length of 15 metres.
3. the presence of two belayers on the rope in difficulty and speed events is mandatory. The rotation will happen after ten (10) competitors.



1. the starting position shall consist at least of two fixed and marked positions for the two hands

2. the bonus point (even when not used, and in this case only) will be automatically awarded if the problem is completed.

3. only starting holds may be tested by competitors.

4. competitions will be run on two rounds ; the number of finalists will be 8, 6 problems and 6 minutes

5. the final hold of each problem must be more visible


World Cup

1. the first three ranked competitors of the men’s and women’s Difficulty, Speed or Bouldering competitions shall be awarded medals (gold, silver and bronze) provided by the ICC.


In isolation, the possession of cameras, video-cameras and similar recording equipment are NOT allowed.



International Jury

The Jury for difficulty and bouldering events will consist in the President of the Jury and 1 Category Judge


2003 – Anti doping policy

Doping control shall be mandatory in all official events at least for winners, starting 2003 season.