Just for fun, here is a climbers dictionary.

Thanks to the anonymous person who sent us this fine gem for fun.
AAAAAHHHHH!!! A belay signal yelled to indicate a fall in progress
Beer Liquid consumed in large quantities after climbing.
Beta Insider information or advice about a climb given by one (or quite often 6) self-proclaimed experts. Running or auto beta is someone telling you how to do the moves as you go (as in "can you please shut up with that running beta! I want to find out myself.) The origin is from Betamax Video Format; with the quality of the Beta that I get it's no surprise that VHS is the current standard.
Big Wall The type of climb that is so long and sustained that a normal ascent lasts several days.
Bomber Of the highest or finest quality; exceptionally good of it's kind. It is very often to only word in a climber's vocabulary, and studies are currently underway to determine it's viability as a language.
Bouldering A branch of rock climbing without the use of safety ropes primarily concerned with the climbing of exceptionally difficult moves on boulders. Usually, done up to a height where it is still safe to jump off.
Buildering To climb buildings. Most often done in urban college towns by die hard climbers where descent pitches are few and far between. Often illegal - but that is what makes it fun.
Bumper Belay To belay from the safety and security of your own vehicle. Most often practised around local crags were the road is paved up to the base of the climb, around the rock and, in some cases, up to the rap anchors.
Chalk A magic powder that makes hands stick to even the smoothest rock.
Climbing Shoes Shoes made with sticky rubber soles that would have fit comfortably when you were ten.
Crank: To pull on a hold as hard as possible until you break.
Crater, to To fall and hit the ground, as in "I almost cratered."
Crozley Slimy, Putrid Hold that sucks my soul.
Deck A fall which would cause the leader to hit the ground or the belay ledge but, if it makes you feel any better, is not a Factor 2 Fall.
Dirt Me Cool way a saying "Let me down" after either finishing or giving up on a top rope climb.
.Elvis, to To have a sewing machine leg (See Sewing Machine Leg). Named after the famous climber "Elvis, the King," who always suffered from this affliction when singing before a crowd of screaming women.
Endo A white powder kept in small plastic bags, it is used to satisfy an addiction or recreationally at rest holds.
Fall, (to) AKA-free-solo rappel; A dynamic retreat from a climb. Note: It is never the fall that kills - It's the sudden stop at the end.
Fish Dance An attempt the regain composure after a fall. Quite often followed by "Damn Newbie Climbers must'a broken a hold. Hell I've been climbing here for 3 months, I have a right be here!"
Flamed To be entirely burnt out, being able to climb no further. Often used by Yuppies to describe their Warm-Up.
Flash To completely finish a climb with no falls or dogging and with no previous attempts on the climb.
Free Climb Moving up a rock using only hands, feet, and natural holds. Ropes and gear are only used for protection - not progression.
Free Solo Free climbing while using no ropes for protection. Done by people who are really good or really stupid. You fall - You die!
Going To Church Going climbing on a Sunday. "...No Mam, we're climbers... We're on a mission from God."--Blues Bros.
Gumby A climber (most often a novice) who is spread out on or below a climb
Harness The piece of clothing that identifies you as a climber. The coolness factor is significantly enhanced by hanging things from the harness that go cling.
.Lets Bolt It Last term, usually heard before major fights between climbers in their usual hang outs, around bars or on rec.climbing
.Pink Point An obsolete term used to describe a "No-Falls" ascent clipping pre placed gear.
Pitch Formerly 1 rope length, but it has been determined to be exactly 15 feet of really good climbing or 200 feet of dirty, loose run-out crap
Protection, Pro Anchors (see above) placed during a climb to protect the leader. Beware: even properly placed pro does not prevent pregnancy or the transmission of STDs.
Pumped The feeling of overworked muscles. Most climbers are familiar with the forearm pump: too much finger work causes the forearms to swell and the strength to disappear. With a serious forearm pump, even holding a glass of beer (see above) can become a serious challenge..
Quickdraw Neither Quick, nor Draw. Discuss among yourselves. In actuality it is a short sling with biners on either side most often used in lead climbing.
Red Point To ascend a route "No-Falls" placing your own gear.
.Roof Seriously overhanging part in a climb. The climber is more or less horizontal. .
Rock!! Yelled to advise persons below that a massive object has been overcome by gravity and is rapidly approaching from above. The loudness, number of repetitions, an/or panic in the voice which this word is uttered is often an indication of the seriousness of the rock. The probability of being struck is equal wherever you may stand, but increases greatly if you look up.
Screamer A fall long enough that you have to catch you breath in the middle of it to finish your scream. Usually talked about (Or sometimes taken) in a bar with beer in hand.
Scuz A completely friction move using a non-standard contact surface such as a knee, face. ear, tongue, etc.(Use your Imagination)
Sewing-machine Leg A leg (or arm) under tension that suddenly begins to jerk up and down like a sewing machine. (see also: to Elvis).
Shape End: The to which the leader is attached, not normally shape but can be if sheath slippage is not trimmed properly.
Side Pull A hand hold that needs to be held with horizontal (sideways) pressure toward the climber.
Sloper A featureless Teflon coated anti-hold, it's usability is determined solely by sun spots.
.Spanked To get completely whooped by a problem or climb."Man, I got spanked last week by Nancy (12a) out at Mickey's Beach.
Sport Climb Climbs (usually a single pitch) on cliffs which have been vandalised with bolts, chalk, and lycra-clad trendites. Widely perceived as being safer and thus adored by land managers as an excuse to close climbing areas.
Spro Coffee, Joe, The Black Sun, That which gives Jed a personality
Thank God Hold The hold that offers the best Photo Op
Trad Short for "traditional" - Used to describe the type of climbing where you have to place your own protection as you ascend. Usually accompanied by heinous difficult approaches and descents which are often times more dangerous than the actual climb.
Vertical Tundra Dirty / Grassy Licheny route. Usually also wet and rotten. Beware of Goats
Yellow-Point A "no falls" top rope ascent; or a climb so scary it had wet and embarrassing consequences.

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