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There is a huge array of books on the market and the following are just a small sample.

Advanced Rock Climbing

The most comprehensive look at the subject yet. Advanced Rock Climbing picks up where John Long's How To Rock Climb leaves off, describing the climbing techniques and rope tricks of the modern rock climber. Covers both sport and traditional climbing, and self rescue techniques, in an easy to read, entertaining style. A must have book for those venturing into the high and wild.


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More Climbing Anchors

More Climbing Anchors continues the fine analysis of rock climbing anchors found in John Long's bestseller Climbing Anchors. Together with professional climbing guide and instructor Bob Gaines, John Long has compiled in this book essential knowledge - the result of countless years of experience - to creating safe, yet simple anchors, the single most important skill a rock climber must rely on for a successfully long career.


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Big Walls

A complete guide to climbing the largest, most sheer rock faces in the would, entertainingly written by two of the most experienced climbers in the history of the sport. John Long/John Middendorf.


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Self Rescue

Whether you need to assist your partner past a difficult section of a climb or rappel down a multiple pitch route with an injured climber, you owe it to yourself and fellow climbers to be prepared. Self Rescue fully describes and illustrates a variety of techniques that every climber should know for safety and self-reliance.


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I Hate To Train

Turn those climbing dreams into motivation. Make the most of your spare time to build the perfect climbing physique. Five minutes a of climbing-specific exercise will turn you into the animal you always wanted to be. This is a training book for the rest of us. Nancy Prichard. 

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