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We are about to start the 2001 Season

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To sustain its growth the NZSF needs people who are willing to donate their time and expertise.

To that end, it's time to elect this years NZSF Executive from our current Membership. This is an opportunity for members to nominate people (including themselves) whom they believe, can take the organisation forward.

Please take the time to identify members who have something to offer the sport. They will need to be willing to donate around 20 hours each month.

If you wish to nominate someone, simply complete the attached  Nomination Form and post it to the NZSF or email your nominations to nzsf@climb.co.nz

Remember the nominee  must be a 2001 financial member and accept their nomination.

You will need to be a 2001 member to vote, so send your membership fee now.

Membership & Participation Results

Attached you will find an enrolment form. This form allows you to both enrol as an NZSF member and to nominate yourself or another member for a position on the NZSF Executive.
Please be sure to complete the form and send it back so you will be eligible to vote in the upcoming postal vote.

Membership Fees
Due to our good financial performance we are not increasing the annual membership fees, they remain at $15 per person.

Membership Benefits
Eligibility to enter NZSF Sanctioned events.

A discount of 15% off the normal retail price at all Bivouac Stores


Last year a number of competitors said they had paid their NZSF fees when really they hadn't, so we are going to stop the free riding. This year you must pay your annual $15 fee direct to the NZSF. If you fail to do so you will be ineligible to enter NZSF sanctioned events and be unable to receive NZSF membership benefits.
We have taken these steps to safeguard the NZSF members who are contributing.
Please send your annual membership fee of $15 direct to the NZSF at
PO Box 34 132, Birkenhead, Auckland.

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