June 2001 Newsletter



Executive 2001/2002

The 2001 executive was voted on by postal ballot. Due to no nominations being received for executive positions, the executive has decided on the following executive members to each executive position:


James Maguire              (president)


 Rob Moore                    (secretary)


 Warwick Hall                 (treasurer)


 Doug Carson                 (ICC ex-officio)


 Eddie Fowke                 (coaching)


 Erick Velthuis                                       

Membership 2001/2002

In the last newsletter it was reported that you must join the federation prior to arriving at a competition. This is no longer a requirement. Competition organisers can join you to the federation. Federation fees are $15.00 for a full year provides full membership to NZSF, or a $7.50 day membership, which only provides the right to compete at a NZSF sanctioned competition. The payment of two-day memberships will enable full membership to the NZSF. Payments can be made at competitions, or to the NZSF, P.O. Box 5282, Mt Maunganui.                                                       n

Competition Changes

In an effort to encourage new participants to competition climbing the executive has taken time to identify areas that are restricting the development of New Zealand sport climbing.



Under 16 as at 31 Dec 2001


Under 18 as at 31 Dec 2001



Once you choose a junior category to compete in, you may not change categories for the duration of the 2001 competition season.

If you are under 16 at the 31st December 2001, you are not permitted to compete in the open category, however you may compete in the under 18 category. This rule has been introduced to minimise health and development risks to our younger climbers. International literature indicates that before adolescence, certain types of training can be dangerous and hamper normal physical development. The NZSF has identified the need for reducing the risks our young climbers face. To allow for under 16 competitors to compete at a level that may be more appropriate for their capabilities, there is an exemption available on application to the NZSF. Certain criteria must be met, and will be discussed on application. This exemption will only be granted prior to a competition.

The top three male and top three female competitors in under 18 will be awarded free entry to the open division at the following competition. An under 18 competitor competing in the under 18 category and also the open competition, will only be charged 1/3 of the open entry fee.

Competition Format Changes

In an effort to encourage climbers of all abilities to enter the competitions, and move into line with international format, the following changes have been made to the competition running. There will now be three rounds to replace the two qualifiers final format:

            Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final.

Similar to a rugby sevens tournament there will be a cup and plate competition running within each division. Those climbers who do not make the semi-final of the cup competition, will go on to compete in the plate round semi-final. Both plate and cup competitions will then have a final. This will give all climbers the chance to move to a final appropriate to their ability.


26 or more competitors

Less than 26 competitors

Quarter Finals



Semi Finals (Cup)

Fixed 16

Fixed 10

Semi Finals (Plate)



Finals (Cup)



Finals (Plate)



These numbers may change at each competition in line with the NZSF rules to accommodate tied placings.

The finals for the plate round will be run on the semi-final of the cup round. The plate finalists will be allowed to view the cup semi-finalists climbing their route. This is being allowed to enable the plate competitors to learn and develop their route-reading skills.


For event dates visit the event section

More Information

For more information please contact: info@nzsf.org.nz or visit the NZSF website.


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