NZOIA Climbing Wall Award

The NZ Outdoor Instructors Assn has recently launched a new Climbing Wall Award.  This award is designed for people who are taking groups top rope or lead climbing on artificial climbing walls where fixed anchors are easily accessed or accessed by leading.  This is a one day assessment and is being held on an as needed basis.

 Skills and knowledge required include experience pre-requisites of instructing and personal climbing, a knowledge of equipment, efficient and safe wall use, belaying, rope handling, rescues and instructional skills.  There is also a section on lead climbing skills.

 Information on the organisation, the award or syllabus can be found on the NZOIA website, or by contacting the assessment co-ordinator  Assessments can be organised for groups of 6 - 8 instructors on demand and cost $190 per person.

 NZOIA, PO Box 11-090, Manners Street, Wellington 6034.  Phone 04 385 6048.



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