HILTI and PETZL companies

May 28, 2001

The HILTI and PETZL companies jointly inform you that, following a comprehensive test programme, the manufacturer HILTI wishes to state a possible risk associated with the use of the soft plastic glue capsules sold for use with the PETZL BAT'INOX and COLLINOX glue-in anchors, reference HVU M12*110 / P41 and HVU M10*90 / P56.

Placement on climbs, in natural rock, is traditionally done by hand, thus requiring a different technique to that normally employed for threaded rods.

The technical concern is that during hand mixing, the interior tube of hardener in the flexible capsule may fold to the base of the exterior envelope and that the mixture does not occur correctly. In this very unlikely (but possible) case, proper curing of the glue may not occur.

HILTI and PETZL are recalling all unused glue capsules currently on the market.

Please return them to the dealer where they were purchased.


HVU M12*110 - P41

PETZL BAT'INOX - HVU M12*110 - P41



HVU M10*90 - P56


Regarding capsules already used to place anchors;

We recommend that the following tests be done:

1 - Check that the excess glue (overflow around the hole) has cured properly. Strike the overflow with a hard pointed object, the glue should be hard and brittle, and chip easily.

2 - Try to rotate the anchor by applying leverage with a carabiner clipped through the eye: the anchor should not move at all.

Caution: do not use a bar as a lever because the force applied could be sufficient to loosen and damage a correctly glued anchor.

If these two tests are passed, the glue should be properly hardened, and the anchor behave normally.

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