Castle Rock




Castle Rock was one of the first rock climbing areas to be developed in the Wharepapa Region.

You may have to pay to go rock climbing at the Castle Rock Crag. As a result many climbers prefer to climb at one of the many other great crags in the Wharepapa area, where access is free. 


Click here for a list of great crags with FREE access.

You may have to pay to go rock climbing at the Castle Rock Crag. 














bulletRoutes - 160
bulletGrades - 5 to 26
bulletCliff Heights - 10m to 30m
bulletRock Type - Ignimbrite
bulletProtection - Fixed (Bolts)  
bulletGuide Book - Central North Island Rock

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Castle Rock (Wharepapa South)  is located about 2km north of Wharepapa South and you will drive past it if you are traveling south. Park on the side of the road and climb the style beside the gate to enter the farm.  You may have to pay to rock climb here. 

Climbing Areas

The climbing area is divided into two tiers, these are quite obvious as you approach from the road. Be very careful when on the upper tier as the ground can be slippery and steeper near the edge.

Upper Tier

While not as popular as the lower tier, this area offers a few climbs which are sheltered on a rainy day.

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Lower Tier

Lower Tier is very popular and a great spot on a sunny day.

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